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Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine

FALCON TA Masterline

Fiber Laser Cutting:
Key Advantages

Fiber laser cutting technology is constantly gaining popularity in the manufacturing sector, replacing traditional, outdated cutting methods in production processes. This technology offers precision, flexibility, and high-speed suitable for even the most advanced industries. It is extensively applied in sectors such as aerospace, automotive, defense and military, medical devices, electronics, petrochemical refining, communications, energy, automation, and outsourcing.

  • High Precision and Accuracy:
    Fiber lasers provide a narrow focus and high energy density, resulting in precise cuts with minimal thermal distortion. This ensures high accuracy in cutting shapes and designs.
  • Speed and Efficiency:
    Fiber lasers cut materials quickly and efficiently, leading to increased productivity. They can process thin and thick materials faster than traditional cutting methods.
  • Versatility:
    Fiber laser cutting is suitable for a wide range of materials, including various metals (steel, aluminium, copper, brass), plastics, and even some composites. This versatility makes it ideal for diverse industrial applications.
  • Low Maintenance:
    Fiber lasers have fewer moving parts and do not require as much maintenance as CO2 lasers or other traditional cutting methods. This reduces downtime and operational costs.
  • Energy Efficiency:
    Fiber lasers are more energy-efficient compared to CO2 lasers, consuming less power for the same amount of cutting. This translates to lower operating costs and a smaller environmental footprint.
  • Reduced Consumables:
    Unlike other cutting technologies, fiber lasers do not require expensive and complex service maintenance for operation, further reducing operating costs and simplifying the cutting process.
  • Improved Safety:
    Fiber lasers offer improved safety features, such as enclosed work areas and automatic shut-off mechanisms, reducing the risk of accidents.
  • High Beam Quality:
    The beam quality of fiber lasers is superior, enabling cleaner cutting with smoother edges and reducing the need for additional finishing processes.
  • Compact and Flexible:
    Fiber laser systems are typically more compact than other laser systems, allowing for easier integration into various manufacturing environments. Their flexibility also enables easy customization and adaptation to specific cutting requirements.
  • Technology Advancement and Development:
    constant technological developments have positioned fiber laser cutting as a leading solution in modern manufacturing, offering unparalleled precision, efficiency, and versatility across a wide range of applications.

FALCON T Masterline:
Main Components

To ensure the superior quality of our machines, we exclusively collaborate with leading manufacturers of top-tier components.

Our machines are equipped with IPG fiber sources and Precitec 2D/3D laser heads featuring Auto-Focus systems, ensuring unparalleled cutting precision. A standout feature of our technology is the capability for 45-degree bevel cutting, complemented by an innovative waste-free cutting system.

Our devices integrate components from renowned companies such as IPG, Precitec, Beckhoff, HIWIN, Yaskawa, Atlanta, Siemens, Schneider, Gudel, Herion, Neugart, and Panasonic, among others.

Below is a brief summary of the most vital components used by FALCON Laser, authorized by global TOP-TECH control agencies. Final specifications depend on the chosen model configuration.

Component Manufacturer
Fiber laser source IPG
Laser head (2D/3D Auto Focus) Precitec
Chucks & Supports Pneumatic
Servo drives Yaskawa
Control system Tmotion
Software CypCut
Nesting CypNest
Electrics Schneider
Pneumatics SMC
Linear guides HIWIN
Racks & Pinion drive HERION
Bearings NSK
Gear motor NEURGART
Voltage stabilizer VolREG
Light curtains SafeGuards
Cooling system S&A
Fume filter SANCH

FALCON T Masterline:
Primary Features

FALCON laser cutting machines are among the industry leaders in advanced fiber laser cutting solutions, designed to meet the dynamic production needs and trends in the evolving market of fiber laser metal processing. Final features depend on the chosen model configuration.

  • Fiber source with an expected operating life of approximately 100,000 hours. It offers a power range from 1kW to 12kW, with continuous advancements enhancing its capabilities.
  • 3D laser head enabling cutting at angles up to 45 degrees in full Auto-Focus mode automatically adjusting the focal point of the laser beam during the cutting process. This capability is essential for achieving high precision, consistent quality, and efficient cutting across various materials and thicknesses.
  • Intuitive operating system uses sensors and algorithms to detect potential obstacles, such as uneven edges, and automatically avoid collisions during cutting.
  • Active collision avoidance system uses sensors and algorithms to detect potential obstacles, such as uneven edges, and automatically avoid collisions during cutting.
  • Weld seam identification system efficiently detects weld seams on various tube geometries, including those located internally. This capability is especially beneficial for manufacturers seeking to detect and locate weld seams on tubes and other materials before the cutting process.
  • Pneumatic turntable along with the chucks and supports, facilitates the processing of pipes and profiles with diameters ranging from 10 to 320 mm and lengths up to 12 meters. This equipment ensures precise handling and eliminates the risk of deformation, thereby maintaining the integrity of the materials throughout the process.
  • Automated material loading and unloading system handles materials before and after they are processed by the laser. This system enhances efficiency, productivity, and safety in manufacturing operations.
  • Innovative waste-free cutting system featuring an additional 3rd and 4th chuck, is engineered to optimize the cutting process by minimizing material wastage and enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Automatic pressure regulation of cutting gas is a crucial feature designed to optimize the cutting process by precisely controlling the gas pressure. This functionality is essential for achieving high-quality cutting, maintaining consistency, and improving operational efficiency.
  • rgonomic, elegant and safe design contributes to a better working environment, boosts operator morale, ensures regulatory compliance, and enhances the overall productivity and reputation of the manufacturing process.

Technical Parameters

The technical parameters of each device are predetermined. Comprehensive technical data is available exclusively in our commercial offers. Final specifications depend on the chosen model configuration. For further information, please contact us.


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