Falcon Fiber Laser Sheet cutting machine

Advanced devices equipped with a strong, stable table construction and a cast aluminum crossbeam. The devices also feature the latest generation of IPG fiber optic light source, and a Precitec 2D/3D laser head with Auto-Focus function

HypCut – Control system
Precitec ProCutter laser head
Optional: Automated Loader system
Machine cutting table
Optional: Automated Loader system


FALCON cutting lasers are an absolute leader in advanced fiber optic solutions tailored to ever-changing production needs and trends in the evolving market of laser metal processing.

The devices can also be equipped with a semi-automatic/automatic loading and unloading system with a sheet metal magazine, as well as an advanced control system with a built-in nesting option that allows optimizing and controlling production costs. In its standard configuration, the device also features a touchscreen control. The user interface enables displaying real-time processing operations.


Reliable Components.

The innovative and comprehensive FALCON device designed for sheet metal cutting consists exclusively of reliable components manufactured by global giants. Below, we present a list of the key components offered in the laser cutting machine:


Laser Power source IPG

A leader in the fiber-optic market. The IPG source is characterized by energy efficiency and reliability. It provides a full range of power when changing the focal length of the beam during the cutting of various material thicknesses by the end user.

The Precitec ProCutter laser head with an Auto-Focus system.

The PRECITEC ProCutter head allows for handling of high cutting power up to 50 kW. In the head's design, a three-stage protection system for the fiber optic was used, thanks to protective glasses and a special fiber optic connector that protects against beam reflection. Full service reporting of the head through an application on the operator's phone.

YASKAWA servo drives

YASKAWA Sigma7. A reliable drive with high performance and low heat emission. The entire drive system is characterized by a high torque, which results in excellent acceleration during cutting. A maximum speed of up to 300 m/min allows for very fast idle runs, which can reduce the cutting time of programs.

The Tmotion control system along with professional nesting.

Based on the FSCUT4000 module for powers up to 6kW or the FSCUT8000 module for powers above 8kW. It ensures positioning accuracy of +/- 0.01 mm. Real-time system communication RTOS up to 1 ms. The modules are controlled using the CypCut and HypCut software. The software is easy and intuitive to use. It allows for machine control, program creation, and work reports.


The CypCut 3D CAD software provides versatile design features with an intuitive user interface. This system offers a comprehensive package of tools essential for design, verification, cloud-based work, communication, and project management. It effectively reduces costs, improves quality, and significantly accelerates the design process. The software's versatile tools allow for creating 3D designs, details, assemblies, and 2D drawings using operations on sheet metal, tube and profile structures, welded constructions, surfaces, injection molds, and dies.

With the CypCut software, users can efficiently work on various types of projects, optimizing their productivity and creativity. The inclusion of operator training along with the software ensures that users can make the most of its capabilities.
In summary, CypCut 3D CAD software is a powerful and user-friendly tool that streamlines the design process, enhances project management, and helps users achieve higher-quality outcomes while cutting down on costs.
Precitec ProCutting
Machine cutting table

Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

Precitec ProCutter Laser Head
Tmotion control system with nesting
HypCut – control system
Machine cutting table

Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

Optional: automatic loading system

Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

Advanced functionalities of FALCON Laser.
Get to know the undisputed leader.

Item Subitem FALCON 12025 FALCON 8025 FALCON 6020 FALCON 4020 FALCON 3015
Optical system Laser source IPG IPG IPG IPG IPG
Laser head Precitec Precitec Precitec Precitec Precitec
Automatic focusing function of laser head
Multi-stage perforation Technology
smooth cutting technology
Mechanical system Closed protection enclosure
Intelligent control system Control system Cypcut 4000E Cypcut 4000E Cypcut 4000E Cypcut 4000E Cypcut 4000E
Multistation automatic nozzle changer optional 8 work stations optional 8 work stations optional 8 work stations optional 8 work stations optional 8 work stations
Nozzle automatic calibration function
Nozzle automatic cleaning function
Process monitoring
Auxiliary gas low and high pressure alarm function High and low pressure High and low pressure High and low pressure High and low pressure High and low pressure
Cutting gas automatic pressure regulation function 2KW and above:O2、N2、air 2KW and above:O2、N2、air 2KW and above:O2、N2、air 2KW and above:O2、N2、air 2KW and above:O2、N2、air
  Electric cabinet with air conditioner
  laser fume filter SANCH Optional SANCH brand Optional SANCH brand Optional SANCH brand Optional SANCH brand Optional SANCH brand
auto loading system optional optional optional optional optional
Auto loading with Tower optional optional optional optional optional
Precitec laser head added laser head side blow module optional optional optional optional optional

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